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Hanging in there

Since Barcelona we have been mainly concerned with survival. Every effort is currently mercilessly punished with a huge relapse. If there is enough energy to do the effort at all. Unfortunately, the girls had to cancel many plans. The result is that they are becoming increasingly isolated.

Travelogue Barcelona

The journey actually starts the day before. Saturday we brought Ozzy, our dog, to my cousin. Quite scary because he has never been away from us for so long. Sunday, October 20, the time had come. At 9:00 we drove to the airport for the flight to Barcelona. The trunk with three suitcases and the walker. We had to be on time for the assistance at the airport. I requested this for both of them because they can’t stand that long. After we had reported to the assistance desk, we were waiting for the transport.… Read More »Travelogue Barcelona

Turbulent times, part two

The turbulent times didn’t stop and we’ve done a lot of interviews. Although all of the attention is really good for reaching our goal, it also has a great impact on Jane and Rosa’s health. Not only the physical health but also the mental part. And that also has an impact on the physical health.

Taking a break

Since we started crowdfunding and the foundation Help Jane & Rosa battle CCI / AAI to get the money together for the life-saving operation that my sister Rosa and I need, I feel like I have to be on all the time.

Turbulent times

It’s been a while since the last blog. This happened partly because of a lot that was going on in our livers and partly because of my own health. So what happened.

Just another day

I’m in my bed. Far away I hear Jane talking to Ozzy, our dog. Go and fetch mama she says. Jane is on the floor, belly down. I ask Jane what happened and if she’s hurt. Jane said she fainted and dislocated her shoulder and hip.

Media coverage and other events

Media coverage and other events This week it was all about local media coverage. Last Friday there was an article on Westlanders.nu and it immediately had a great impact. A lot of people made a donation en we jumped from €23.000,- to €25.000,- in two days. It’s really great to notice that media coverage is so effective. We now have a sixth of the amount we need. We have written to all the local media and on Monday half past one  I’ve received an email from a local radio station, WOS radio. They asked if… Read More »Media coverage and other events


This week I received the rejection letter upon my request for reconsideration regarding the decision not to reimburse the Upright MRI. And in the same letter, the consultation in Barcelona was also rejected.

And now…

After a brisk start, the funding now runs less smoothly. We’ve passed the €21.000,-, which is great off course, but it would be better is things were going faster. From different sides people asked me why I haven’t reached out to the local or national media.

It’s humbling

Sometimes when I think about all of this I find it humbling to see what everyone is doing to help us reach the necessary amount of €150.000,-. After my birthday las week a kind off was a slump buster. Not because I’m now part of the “old ladies gang”, as my colleagues called it, but because of after reaching the €20.000,- frontier the donations seem to be stagnating.