We have been busy for a while now getting the necessary funds for surgeries, but what exactly will the money be spend on? Let me start with a hopeful and equally disappointing statement. A date has been set for the operations at the end of April. In addition, the specified bill for the operations was presented and that was a bit of a shock. The cost tag is therefore a lot higher. I will now explain how all this is structured. Only fair if you ask people to donate that you also show where the money goes.
Already paid for with money raised is the trip to Barcelona in October. The airline tickets cost € 428.73 plus parking at Zaventem € 89, hotel was € 376, – consult plus investigations € 1100, and transport to and from the airport in Barcelona € 100. In total, around € 2,100.00 excluding transport to Brussels and other costs in Barcelona. We had chosen Brussels because of the lower flight costs. In retrospect, the journey and the long drive from Brussels to home was not ideal. That’s why we choose to fly via Rotterdam this time. The entire journey with the operations is enormously drastic, by choosing Rotterdam we try to save something on energy so that they can start the operation a bit better.
Jane’s surgery comes to a total of € 83,150, including pre-operative tests, the operation, hospital stay including stay in intensive care and a bed in the room if I want to / have to spend the night there, post-operative consultations, post-operative testing (MRI / CT), MRV, insurance for complications, insurance for death.
The surgery of Rosa comes to a total of € 65,150, including all the above specifications. Jane’s operation are more extensive than Rosa’s, hence the difference in costs. The surgeries combined is a total of € 148,300. Then there are the costs for travel and accommodation. Travel costs in Barcelona for transport to and from the apartment and to the hospital and later (after this trip) the costs for the follow-up check. Part goes via skype but you will also have to travel to Barcelona for a check-up. The flight tickets come to around € 700, the stay comes to around € 6000, travel costs in Barcelona depend on where we can find an apartment. On average this will be € 300. Therefore, € 157,400 must be collected by mid-April. For the follow-up check we still have around € 2500, so in total that’s +/- € 160,000. That’s € 10,000 more than budgeted before. How come? The operations are both more expensive than initially planned. The operations were planned for 60 / 65,000 in the original budget, so this has become considerably more. Partly because the deviation in Jane’s neck requires more work. We looked at all the costs and saved wherever we could. As a result, we did not have to add the € 20,000 more in operating costs to the already substantial budget. This means that there is no room for any setbacks. So fingers crossed that nothing is added. I hope I have provided some insight into the costs with this. So now we are faced with the task of gathering a small ton in 2 ½ months. This is the time there is to save the lives of my daughters. If we miss this date it will take another three months for another date. And to be honest I don’t know if we have that time seeing how the both, but especially Jane, are getting worse. My world has been upside down for quite a while now and I’m balancing on a thin line between hope and despair. We are open to any ideas to get this done. We need everyone’s help with this to get this done. And we shall gladly support where possible and of course if possible. For questions you can reach me through our email address or our social media channels.


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