We reached the amount for both surgeries! And now?

We managed to reach the needed amount for the surgeries of my both daughters. I don’t have words to thank everyone who made this possible. We are extremely thankful, not only for the financial and material support but also for the warm and supporting messages we received along the way.  But what is it going to happen now?

We will now jump into the second phase, a very tense and stressed period. The surgeries are already scheduled for 18 and 19 May. The amount needs to be transferred to the clinic one week before the surgery.  We bought also the tickets to Barcelona and a arranged place to stay a whole month. A long and complexe revalidation will follow after the surgeries. For this revalidation period we will again need your support.

This is the reason why we will keep the website live so you still can keep supporting us  in case of unexpected costs.

Keep supporting us

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We make use of the safe pay system Mollie; if your donation is confirmed by the so-called foundation “Stichting Mollie” that means that your donation has been perfectly processed and directly donated to us.

100% transparent

Our foundation Help Jane & Rosa battle CCI/AAI is 100% transparent. All gifts are used 100% for the two operations, the insurance of possible complications and the travel and lodging expenses. People frequently asked me now what I am going to do with the residual amount. Well, for the time being, there is no question of a residual amount. After the operations a long and complexe revalidation phase will follow. There are also costs involved. That is why the website still offers the possibility to donate for unforeseen costs. After the last medical check-ups, and if the doctors are satisfied with the results, the foundation will be dissolved by the notary and the amount that is still available will be distributed by the notary to similar foundations.


Foundation Help Jane & Rosa battle CCI/AAI

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KVK: 75373009


Thank you very much for your support to my two daughters.


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