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You are a member of the family, a friend, a colleague, an acquaintance, a patient with EDS, someone with ore without complaints and you have, direct or indirect, experienced or seen what EDS can cause. Maybe you have children diagnosed with EDS or you feel concerned with patients suffering from EDS and you want to support us.

There is hope for Jane and Rosa, hope to stop or even turn the downward spiral the girls are in. And that can be accomplished by an operation; an operation by a neurosurgeon in Barcelona, the only one in Europe who performs this operation. More information about the neurosurgeon who performs this masterpiece is found at

I am asking your help to achieve the amount of € 150.000,-. The amount needed to cover the costs of the operations, the insurance for possible complications and the costs for travel and lodging expenses. .

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You can choose between a simple donation and a periodical donation to our foundation. Check your local tax regulations.

Mollie and ING

We make use of the safe pay system Mollie and ING; if your donation is confirmed by the so-called foundation “Stichting Mollie” that means that your donation has been perfectly processed and directly donated to us.

100% transparent

Our foundation Help Jane & Rosa battle CCI/AAI is 100% transparent. All gifts are used 100% for the two operations, the insurance of possible complications and the travel and lodging expenses.


Foundation Help Jane & Rosa battle CCI/AAI

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Thank you very much for your support to my two daughters.

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