This week I received the rejection letter upon my request for reconsideration regarding the decision not to reimburse the Upright MRI. And in the same letter, the consultation in Barcelona was also rejected. Although the rejection was in line with expectations – we are not working our but off with crowdfunding for no reason – it was still disappointing. Not at least because of the content of the letter. Reference is made to outdated studies, incorrect connections are made and unclear criteria are used. At the end of the letter they mentioned if there were questions about the content of the you could call the legal advisor, so a call was made yesterday afternoon. They don’t make such long hours at work at CZ apparently and the employee had already shut down his PC, I would be called back early this morning. Specially went to work earlier this morning so that I would not be in public transport during the phone call. Start calling again at 9:30 am. Early is early and I have more appointments in a day. I had neatly made a whole list of the points that wanted to refute. Unfortunately or perhaps it was good, that is yet to be seen, the emotions in the conversation prevailed. The first response from the operator was that the legal advisor was not present, the tone was set. I told her that I was promised that I would be called back early this morning. She looked again and as it turned out, she was looking on the wrong day of the calendar. When I finally got to talk the legal advisor, I had completely lost my cool and a flood of emotions came loose. After my small outburst (not scolded or something like that but just mentioned many things together and making it clear that if nothing happens they will just die in a miserable way and that this is impossible for a mother to accept), I apologized nicely, indicating that it had just become too much for me and turned to my list and made my points in an orderly manner. The legal advisor seemed to be impressed by my story. Whether this was due to the emotional beginning or the more rational end is not entirely clear to me, but at least I was promised that my view of the letter and additions would again be brought to the attention of the medical expert and that I would soon hear about this. In the event of another rejection, the next step is to submit a complaint at the SKGZ, the disputes committee. The past couple of days I have been on a thin line of balance anyway. I can’t tell exactly what this is due to. Probably a combination of everything, trying to keep the balls in the air on all fronts, at home, at work, arranging things for the foundation, fighting with health insurance, animals that do not always behave as they should at home, not being able to have a good night sleep. And of course the steady decline of the girls. Next time hopefully a slightly more positive blog but this is also a side that I want to mention once.



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