Hanging in there

Since Barcelona we have been mainly concerned with survival. Every effort is currently mercilessly punished with a huge relapse. If there is enough energy to do the effort at all. Unfortunately, the girls had to cancel many plans. The result is that they are becoming increasingly isolated. Although the trip to Barcelona has provided more clarity, it has also resulted in a considerable aggravation of the complaints.

What else happened. The deposit voucher campaign at the Jumbo Wateringen in October raised € 103.30 and the calendar/glasses sale in the Albert Heijn Naaldwijk € 762. Thanks for this! We are still looking for new data at other Albert Heijn locations in the Westland. A deposit voucher campaign will also start in various Albert Heijn locations in the Westland in December. We will soon let you know via the activity calendar on our website and via Facebook where you can go to hand in the deposit bottles. Furthermore, Jane has used her sparing energy to put together a December calendar. More about this later, but it was necessary that I could read the responses that everyone had written about the donations. We recently discovered that these were received by website managers but not by us. This week I got the list with all the reactions so far and there I was again, behind my PC with wet eyes. Me, who isn’t at all emotional normally, have had to wipe my eyes dry lately. And now  again. The sweet words of acquaintances and strangers really touched me. Many thanks for this!

The engraving of glasses goes on and on, the assignments come in with some regularity and for the stalls we engrave glasses with different (Christmas) images. Furthermore, there is of course the possibility to order a nice T-shirt or a beautiful Plint calendar. You can also visit our website for this.

Finally how am I doing. I say cheerfully when asked, hanging in there! But actually it is quite difficult for me. It hurts me to see how difficult it is for them, how guilty they feel when something doesn’t work or when the have to cancel plans, how hard it is for them to get through the day. In addition, I notice that my energy is also decreasing, I make small mistakes at work, I fall asleep regularly and I notice that the days are too short for what needs to be done. But then I look at them and I know it has to be, there is no other choice. We must do everything in our power to get the money for the operations together as quickly as possible and then I will draw on my mother’s strength and continue. With pain in my heart, but full of love for what must happen. We are past the quarter, the rest must also succeed!



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