Heart warming

This entire crowdfunding process is difficult for us. It effects your energy, your mind and your hope. At times when donations arrive a little slower, it is hard not to lose hope. And then suddenly three super beautiful things happen in a week. First, I got an e-mail from a lady, her name is Leonie, who said it was her birthday next week and that she would be celebrating her birthday with our promotion. The amount she collects will be brought to them personally. So unexpected and beautiful. Then fake farmer Coriza (if you don’t know her, definitely google it) wrote a nice piece on her page that is also shared on Cycling for my food Westland. That also resulted in nice messages, orders for glasses and donations. And finally we had a farewell lunch today for a colleague, Alphones. She goes to work somewhere else and the habit is to collect money among colleagues for a nice farewell gift. This was also the case now. When the gift was presented, it turned out that the gift that she wanted was a donation for our foundation. I have been sitting behind my PC with wet eyes lately, but wet eyes in public is a completely different story. But now, for all colleagues in a full restaurant, it just became too much for me. So there I stood, doing my best to keep it as dry as possible. Quiet in words but very grateful for this kind of initiative. In a word it’s heart warming.



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