It’s humbling

Sometimes when I think about all of this I find it humbling to see what everyone is doing to help us reach the necessary amount of €150.000,-. After my birthday las week a kind off was a slump buster. Not because I’m now part of the “old ladies gang”, as my colleagues called it, but because of after reaching the €20.000,- frontier the donations seem to be stagnating. With that in mind I found it heartwarming to hear all of the great ideas that were suggested at a birthday I attended last night. Some already developed activities to raise money for the live saving surgery for both my girls. Soon there will be a week calendar en more ideas were mentioned. When we have something specific we will spread the word at all are means of communication and this website.   And then when I arrived home, a little bit tired, I read the most heartwarming message of someone who out of nothing designed a beautiful T-shirt and offered to donate the profit to the foundation. Tears were in my eyes.  So many loving  human beings that are all contributing in the most positive way. So for this time I keep it short, I just want everyone to know that all the help is really appreciated. En even though I come over as a bad ass everything will be fine kind of person, I must admit that I’m touched by all of this. And that feels really good.

Love Monique

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