Just another day

I’m in my bed. Far away I hear Jane talking to Ozzy, our dog. Go and fetch mama she says. Not much later Ozzy stands by my bed to wake me up and tries to get me up and about to go and help Jane. I blink my eyes several times and walk downstairs. Jane is on the floor, belly down. Ozzy looks at me with a look that encourage me to help. I ask Jane what happened and if she’s hurt. Jane said she fainted and dislocated her shoulder and hip. Luckily I’ve got my First aid diploma this year. I put Jane in the Superman pose and rotate her. She’s now on her back. At the same time we try and adjust the joints to a more normal position. After a while everything is where it should be, and after a few breaks to control the pain I help Jane to get up and to the couch. I make us a cup of coffee and together we sit on the couch and relax a bit. In the meanwhile Rosa woke up and also came downstairs. Not knowing what went on she sends Jane to her bed. Rosa bought a surprise breakfast for Jane the day before and wanted to give her breakfast at bed. Jane said she’s in too much pain to move, so Rosa gives her breakfast in the living room. I give Jane some pain relief medication and then go upstairs to get ready for the day. When done I go down again, help Jane to get to the toilet an go for a walk with Ozzy. On my return I ask if there is anything I can do before going to work and then I’m off. With a small delay of an hour. In the bus I check my calendar and see that I have a meeting at 10 a.m., I ask a colleague to print my documents for me. Just in time I arrive at work, pick up the documents and went on the elevator to the meeting room. I’ve got a busy day. The meeting last until 12:30 p.m., I go to my office  and check my mail, finish some requests, write a annotation for the director-general, process some more mail and at 15:30 p.m. the next meeting is there. Luckily it lasted shorter than planned so I could finish up some work before going home. Walking from the bus station I stop at the supermarket for some last minute groceries. At home Jane still is sitting at the same place where I left her this morning. She’s in a lot of pain. Rosa is also in bed with a headache and a fever. She did too much the day before an now she has to pay for it. I give Jane some pain relief medication and a glass of water and bring Rosa a glass of juice. I help Jane to the toilet and then I sit for fifteen minutes. The fifteen minutes turn into half an hour before I start making dinner. Rosa comes downstairs to eat. After dinner I take Ozzy out for a short bit and make some coffee. After that it’s time to do the dishes and pour in some drinks. Jane let me know she is very tired because of the pain and that she wants to go to bed. Together we walk to the stairs and we try to figure out how we can get her upstairs. In the end she decides to go backwards with her bum step by step. It turned out the least painful way. We decide that she will sleep in my bed for the night. Hers is another staircase up and that is really too much. After a sanitary stop she’s off to bed. I go downstairs. Put the leftovers in two little containers to bring to my mother before I go to work the next morning. Rosa and I cuddle up on the couch to watch some football (let’s not mention the result…). After the game I take Ozzy for a walk before I’m off to bed. You might think this is an extraordinary day. Unfortunately this is the rule rather than the exception. The exception is a good day. Unique is a good day for both.

Love Monique

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