Looking back

The year is almost over. And what a year we have had. Finally after years of searching and constant deterioration, we know what is wrong with Jane and Rosa, apart from the diagnoses that have already been collected, and what causes them to deteriorate. And we know that a solution is possible that not only saves their lives but can also ensure that they can improve at least 50% but possibly up to 95%. A year also full of emotions of hope, despair, sadness, happiness and fear a roller coaster of emotions that even changed within an hour. A year in which we crossed all our personal limits. Because what was and is it difficult for us to ask people to donate money. Not only online but also at the stands in the various Albert Heijn’s and at the Swan market. It is very confronting when you have to tell your story from 10 am to 5 pm. Because every time you end with the comment; if nothing is done, it will only get worse and they may die. At the end of such a day you are not only physically tired but also emotionally exhausted. It is also the year of an incredible number of lovely people who support us. Their uncle Luc who has donated a huge sum with his company Sprank BV, his wife Helma who does an immense amount of organizing, works on the stands, handle the weekplanners and is a big support. Mia the sister of Helma, and also owner of Plint, who has donated beautiful weekplanners. Arthur and Monique who have made a huge donation. My sisters Astrid and Bianca and mother who do what they can. Bianca is co-founder of the foundfation. Patrick and Tanja who help where ever they can. Grandpa Sjaak who helps where he can. Mrs Zuidgeest who donated money to her birthday, Matzinger and Eversdijk civil-law notary who provided the foundation’s foundation deed free of charge. Eline and Françoise who made the website possible and maintain it. Companies with which we have no connection, but who have made a nice donation; Certhon, Thunderburg Holding BV, Studio Fraaj, Spies Holding Bv, MAWO. Mrs. Hoeks-Eijsackers who donated at the stand, brought home-made cards and also donated the proceeds from her home-made cards. That very sweet gentleman from De Lier where I brought glasses that they had ordered, made an extra donation when he heard the story and gave me a hug and said that I could always go there if I needed help. Coriza Hoogendonk and farmer Pait who always have a listening ear when I am there and help where possible. Of course my best friend Els, who is always there for us. And all colleagues who sympathize, think along, make T-shirts and sell and try to get things done. And who are always there when I need to ventilate. Natascha Bruti who has a site 30 days of gratitude and promoted our crowdfunding. I am sure I will forget many and many more because the number of lovely people is so large. Of course all the people who made a donation, from 1 euro to 10.000 euro, thank you all so much. And together we have ensured that we are already nearly € 45,000. A huge amount but unfortunately not enough. Because it is unfortunately the case that they are currently declining very fast, especially in the cognitive field. The faster they can be operated on, the better, but we still need a large sum for this. But when I look back at the past year, I am confident that we can get the rest together as quickly as possible. Because although the difficult moments are certain there and it is not always easy to continue, the beautiful moments dominate and we must succeed to make sure that 2020 is the year of surgeries and recovery so that Christmas 2020 is going to be a big party.

Love and all the best for the year to come,


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