Media coverage and other events

Media coverage and other events

This week it was all about local media coverage. Last Friday there was an article on and it immediately had a great impact. A lot of people made a donation en we jumped from €23.000,- to €25.000,- in two days. It’s really great to notice that media coverage is so effective. We now have a sixth of the amount we need. We have written to all the local media and on Monday half past one  I’ve received an email from a local radio station, WOS radio. They asked if I could make it for an interview later that day at a quarter past four. My face turned red, blood pressure went through the roof and my heart was pounding  out of my chest. I replied that it was no problem and that I would be there. When I received the email I was at work, so I stopped at my bosses office to let him know I was leaving for an interview. I packed my stuff and took a bus to the radio station. During my travel I memorized what I wanted to say and asked Jane and Rosa if they could tape the broadcast. I find this sort of exposure terrifying, but also know that it’s important to get the attention so we can reach our goal. The interview went really well. Maarten, the host of Maarten in the Afternoon, did his best to calm me and helped me through the interview. And although Jane and Rosa’s disease is pretty difficult to explain, I hope that I’ve got the message through.  And that it results in another boost in donations. Because donations are still necessary. I notice that extra activities are getting harder on the girls. Sunday we had e few people over for a short period of time, but it still causes an impairment of their complaints. Stimulus are being processed poorly and effects them days after.



Furthermore we received news from the neurosurgeon. We are scheduled for an cineradiology and a consult for the 21st and 22nd of October in Barcelona. The hotel is booked and I’m checking the sites for a good priced ticket for a flight. This examination helps for getting a better view for how the neck moves and where the major problems lie. I’m looking forward to see Dr.Gilete again. We’ll be making a blog and vlog to keep you informed of the latest developments.

Also we keep thinking about new ways to generate donations. Maybe some companies we can contact, national media, activities we can explore. The whole crowdfunding thing is taking up all of my time. As soon as we have new developments, you’ll read about in in a blog or on our Facebook page. And if you think of something you can do we can also promote this on our social media. If you’re a company and want to sponsor our crowdfunding we can put your logo on our page and other social media. Please contact us through our email at the bottom of our homepage to check all of the possibilities.



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