I cannot describe it otherwise. Where we thought it would certainly last until September / October, we suddenly received a phone call from Barcelona on the day that Rosa was actually going to have surgery. Whether we dared to have the operations done in May. There were a lot of uncertainties, but if we agreed, we would quickly receive more information. Rosa was not there but Jane and I looked at each other and there was no doubt, of course we dared. It all lasted long enough.

And suddenly a lot had to be arranged. Amy, Dr. Gilete’s assistant, gaveus at first the dates on May 18 and 25, but shortly thereafter it turned into May 18 and 19. The pre-op would take place on May 13, which meant that we had less than three weeks to arrange everything. First the practical matters, the only airline that offered flights was KLM. That remained exciting because until May 4 they did not fly at all. But in good faith  I booked tickets for May 12 and back for June 17. Then the stay, the hotels were closed but via AirBnB we were able to book an apartment. In the meantime, we received a load of documents to fill out. We needed a statement for a necessary flight and a statement that we are allowed on the street in Barcelona. Suitcases had to be packed again, a housesitter for the animals at our home had to be arranged. It was a time of running and standing still with every time checking whether the flight was still going and whether the apartment was still available. We had to be in isolation for two weeks before departure. So everything we needed was ordered via the internet. For my work I had make sure my colleagues had everything they needed to replace me, but now I can breathe calmly, Friday the 8th, 4 days before departure. All preparations are ready.

When we arrive in Barcelona on Tuesday we first have to check whether there are taxis, otherwise I have to rent a car. And also in Barcelona we have to go straight into isolation. On Wednesday the girls will have tests and all three of us will be tested on Corona. If the girls are infected, the whole story will not continue and if I am infected, I will not be allowed to stay in the hospital with them. This is also different from normal, as soon as the girls are admitted, I am also not allowed to leave the hospital. This is to keep the chances of infection as small as possible. The entire department where they will be located is Corona-free and all employees have been tested. Jane is admitted on Sunday evening and Rosa on Monday evening and then they are operated on Monday and Tuesday respectively. The first day after surgery, they are in an artificial coma. If all goes well, they may leave the hospital on 28/29 May. After this we will stay in Barcelona for a while to gain strength until they get the sign fit to fly. The first direct flight was on June 17, so if everything goes according to plan, we will come back home at that date.

All in all a big adventure and the tension is now mounting. Now we will try to get some rest for a few days. I’ll keep you informed!



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