Strange times we live in

The CoVID-19 virus is spreading and unfortunately what we feared came true. On Thursday afternoon we received the message that the operations are being postponed. No surprise, I follow the news in both the Netherlands and Spain. And where in the Netherlands the virus is expanding, it is already harrowing in some places in Spain. It is a very strange idea that your health depends on the behavior of the big crowd. We pay great attention, try to go outside as little as possible. Jane no longer comes out at all and Rosa only for work. I walk the dog, run errands and go to work twice a week. The rest I work at home. And when I see how many people still enjoy doing things together and go out, I fear with great fear. And I understand that if you don’t have anyone around you who is of poor health, it’s hard to understand what an impact an infection can be. But the news is on all media channels all day long. You can not ignore it.

The uncertainty of the postponement, not being able to leave the house, the lack of contact are all very drastic things that you cannot influence in any way. Spain is well on its way to becoming a second Italy. In the Netherlands, people still don’t seem to understand the seriousness of the severity of this outbreak. Every day you still see comparisons with influenza figures, which have been copied from somewhere, pulled out of context and everyone copies it on their timelines. All of this sometimes makes it difficult for me to trust in a speedy solution to this problem. And therefore also an early date for the operations. This now depends on so many uncertainties that we can do nothing but wait and be patient. Two things that don’t go well with me.

Today we held a board game tournament. The further in the day, the easier the game. At a certain point, the fatigue will take its toll. But I can happily report that the girls have crushed me. Losing is not so bad and we had a nice day. This is how we try to get through the days, hoping for better and less strange times.

Love Monique

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