Taking a break

Since we started crowdfunding and the foundation Help Jane & Rosa battle CCI / AAI to get the money together for the life-saving operation that my sister Rosa and I need, I feel like I have to be on all the time. I think about the foundation, my deteriorating health and that of Rosa almost all day, every day. Even when I’m asleep, I dream of the actions and of everything that goes well or the thing that can go wrong. Because of all this I noticed that I have no time at all to relax and with my already limited energy this is slowly starting to get a bit too much for me.

So I’m taking a break, taking a break from text and explanation, make social media messages and videos, but above all take a little time so that I can regain a little bit of energy so that I can feel a little more like myself again. A break to put my health back on number 1 and to really listen to my body.

A break in which I hope to be able to do some creative things like knitting, make-up or engraving glass. Really a moment for me, so that I can prepare myself for the exciting times ahead. The appointments with Dr. Gilete in Barcelona at the end of October and all the actions that are going to be set up and although these are all good and beautiful things, they also bring a lot of excitement!



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