Turbulent times, part two

The turbulent times didn’t stop and we’ve done a lot of interviews. Although all of the attention is really good for reaching our goal, it also has a great impact on Jane and Rosa’s health. Not only the physical health but also the mental part. And that also has an impact on the physical health.

This week on Monday I went to the doctor for myself. The blood pressure was indeed structurally too high, so an extra pill a day, blood tests and back for a check-up in two weeks. Thursday, October 10, it was the day that I was engraving live in the Albert Heijn Naaldwijk. I’ve been there from 10 a.m. to about 5 p.m. Exciting because I find it very difficult when someone is watching me when I’m doing something. It was also difficult for Rosa. Which 19-year-old is waiting for her mother to hang around at work all day. But it went well, we had a lot of attention and I engraved for more than €100,- that day. Jane had to go to two medical appointments that Thursday. Fortunately, there is customized Transport who has picked her up at the door and brought her to the successive appointments. Jane also visited the Albert Heijn to see how it went and to make a small film. Friday was another strenuous day, at 11:00 the cameraman of AD video was at our home to make a video about the action. In the morning I brought Ozzy to my mother for a bit of quiet during filming.

And then it was collapse time. The girls did quite well, but it was all too much. Sunday was grandfather’s birthday, but that really was too much for them so they stayed at home. The symptoms vary throughout the day, but they alternate between fainting, headache, nausea, abdominal pain, pain at other areas, extremely tired and fever attacks, alternating with hypothermia. Rest is now the best medicine, but that is quite difficult with the upcoming trip and the upcoming investigations. This afternoon we have the last interview, this time from Groot Westland. In the background there are more things going on, at national level, but I can only say something about it when it is final. And that also brings a lot of tension with it, all that attention is if everything is normal exciting. But attention because you are sick and when you have to share everything that you have, all the difficult times with everyone  is a completely different story.

What is great about all this attention is the nice reactions from people and the messages you receive via Facebook or by mail. This is greatly appreciated and does us good. This week we try to take it a bit slower. So the girls are up to the trip ahead.



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