Turbulent times

It’s been a while since the last blog. This happened partly because of a lot that was going on in our livers and partly because of my own health. So what happened.

We received multiple requests to tell our story. Thursday the 27th was the first event. A local foundation, Westland Hope, approached us for a lunch at Ons Mam and an interview. This would be filmed and then posted on several pages. A few days before this they asked if the girls would like a small make-over at PUUR, haar, hem en huis, a hair and make-up salon. We arrived at 11:00 a.m. at the salon. During the make-over the girls and I were filmed and interviewed. After the salon we went to a little restaurant in Naaldwijk, Ons Mam. During lunch I saw how the attention of the girls dropped. They were getting tired. Although it was very nice to get out of the house for a day, it was too much if I’m being honest. The foundation edited the material the same day an d posted an item. The days after Jane and Rosa were extremely fatigued. I had to cancel Rosa’s appointment at the physiotherapist. She didn’t feel up to it. Friday afternoon my migraine kicked in. Since we know what is wrong with Jane and Rosa my blood pressure is not so great. And the medication I take doesn’t bring it down. Unfortunately this results in migraines. A year ago I would take some pain medication and sleep it off. Now things are different.  The girls can’t take over the chores that need to be done. Diner must be cooked, Ozzy must be walked, the administration must be done daily. And although I did everything really slow, recovering of my migraine took a bit longer than usual. I see the girls find it difficult they can’t help as much as they used to. And that hurts me. Sunday I was up and about again and we could get ready for the next thing. On Monday at 11:00 a.m. an interview with a journalist was scheduled. Early in the morning I took Ozzy for a walk and brought him to my mother. He is a dear but a very lively one. The interview took about 45 minutes and will get out soon. I will post a link on our website and Facebook page. Monday afternoon I went to the doctor for a 24-hous blood pressure measurement. An aunt of the girls organized with her sister a week planner from PLINT, a foundation who promotes arts and poetry. You can get the planner as a gift if you make a donation for a minimum of €12,50. How you can read on our website. In the meanwhile there has been contact with the AH where Rosa works. A lot of things are going to be organized, the first one is on the 10th of October. I will be engraving glasses at the shop. People who know me, also know that I can’t stand it when people look closely at what I do. Something with nerves…On Tuesday I delivered the measuring device at the doctor’s office. On Friday I will get the results. But I’m afraid that as long as we don’t have enough funds to help the girls my blood pressure will continue to be high. Worrying about them is a constant factor and I don’t know how not to worry. On the first of October we were nominated as local charity for the deposit receipt for empty bottles at the Jumbo Wateringen. So we turned in our empty bottles and donated the receipt for our foundation. So if you live close by, you can easily donate and contribute to our crowdfunding. At the beginning of November we will receive the check with the final amount. Than last, but not least I arranged everything for our trip to Barcelona this month. Flight tickets are booked, hotel is booked, examination and consult are payed and babysit for the livestock is arranged. Exiting times, I feel my blood pressure rising again. I’ll try to write a new blog a bit sooner next time.



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