I’m getting more and more worried about Rosa’s and mine current health. I of course know that we are very ill, however this has been developing fairly gradual over the last few years, but then noticing how fast we’ve been degenerating over the last couple of months and how much less we are able to do every day, well that’s pretty scary confrontation.

A few examples of the situation, for example, we can walk less and less, have almost no good days anymore, are no longer be able to follow simple things like a TV program, being more forgetful, I let food burn or I burn myself cooking. It’s so frustrating to not be able to do the ‘normal’ things in life.

I’m losing more and more of the person I used to be and that makes me so worried and anxious for the future. I’m so afraid the surgery can’t go through on April 20 if we haven’t raised enough money and that I keep on losing even more of my personality.

I’m worried for myself, but actually I’m much more concerned and afraid for Rosa, my dear little sister. She’s already lost so much of who she was and as her big sister I just want to protect so from all this.

Please help us so Rosa and I can both live again!



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